BLG's Feeding Schedule for Canna Coco

I put together this simple feeding schedule for new growers using the Canna Coco nutrient line. I love Canna Coco nutrient series because it is simple, clean, and very effective for a reasonable price. The most expensive thing is the line up is the Canna Boost and unfortunately there is not a current product out here that can replace and perform the same as Canna Boost. So for now you bite the bullet and the rewards far out weigh the cost. Let's break down the nutrients we're using for this Canna Coco feeding schedule.

Canna Coco A & B Nutrients

Canna Coco A & B


Canna has a two part base to their nutrient line called Canna A and Canna B. These are the basic building blocks of any nutrient line. These represent your "Grow" and "Bloom" nutrient as referred to in most nutrient line up. You will use Canna A and Canna B in equal parts throughout your entire grow in both veg and bloom phases. I recommend starting very light when first learning to use the Canna Coco nutrient line, I like to start with around 3mL per gallon of both A and B in equal parts. I will start this feeding around day 21 when the seedlings has about 3 to 5 nodes. Then I will raise the strength as the plants mature up to 5mL and then 7-8mL and eventually 10mL per gallon at full dosage.



Rhizotonic is a vigorous, kelp based, stimulant for vegetative growth. It contains a multiplex of vitamins while being 100% natural. Rhizotonic provides more than 60 microbiological substances that substantially increase the growth rate of a stabilized root environment. While Rhizotonic is a great product and works exactly as they say. It is basically just a Liquid seaweed extract and with that being said it will bring us to our next nutrient that we use in place of the Rhizotonic.

Canna Rhizotonic Nutrients
Canna Cannazyme Nutrients



Cannazym is Canna's form of a beneficial enzyme product. It is a high quality enzyme that will increase the rate at which dead root material is broken down and in turn activating beneficial micro-organisms. If your on a budget or interested in re using your Coco then Cannazym is a must have nutrient in your line up. This accelerated breakdown of dead root material will allow you to re use your Coco, basically paying for itself. Cannazym also assists your plants in up taking nutrients and increases the power of its immune system and strengthens the plant to prevent and fight off disease.

Canna PK 13/14

Canna Pk 13/14 is a superior grade mixture of phosphorus and potassium that will be used during a specific window in flowering. Cannabis plants amass a high demand for this phosphorus and potassium found in Canna PK 13/14. Then plants then use an abundance of these two macro nutrients to pursue a rapid growth rate and increase the amount of overall calyx production. This will greatly increase the yield of your plant. PK 13/14 is very reasonably priced and there is no reason to skip out on it. You will only need to use weeks 3 and 4 of flower so a bottle should last you a while.

Canna PK 13/14 Nutrients
Canna Boost Nutrients

Canna Boost

Canna Boost is dominant at providing flower stimulation. While PK 13/14 will increase calyx production Canna Boost will improve the overall quality of your buds and increases yield in its own way. Canna Boost stimulates the development of newly formed calyx's ultimately resulting in larger, fuller, and better tasting buds. Canna Boost is also known give a uniform harvest because the buds will mature evenly. Canna Boost is a one of a kind of product and it shows the price. Unfortunately as of yet there is not anything that can comparably replace Canna Boost. Although pricey it pays for itself while granting increased yields and produces an untouchable increase in flavor.

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra


Sensi Cal Mag Xtra is my all time favorite Cal Mag additive. Sensi Cal Mag Xtra offers all the micro nutrients cannabis plants need. Including Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. You can't go wrong with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra as your Cal Mag supplement to pair with the Canna Coco product line to create a top notch nutrient regime.

sensi Cal Mag Xtra
BLG's canna coco feeding schedule v2.png

Now that you have a basic understanding of what each of Canna product does in the Canna Coco nutrient line up, We can take a look at my suggested feeding table for beginner growers. If your plants develop leaf burn on their tips, you will back off 1-2mL on your next feeding, don't panic. If your plants look light in color or show a deficiency you need to check the PH of nutrient mixture going in and out, which should be 5.8 to 6.0. If your PH is perfect and you are showing signs of a deficiency, I would recommend adding a light dosage of CalMag to your feedings. If your PH is correct and your plants look light in color you can increase Canna A and B by 1 to 2mL.

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