Apr 1

Mexican beans

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I have around 350 Mexican seeds. Sativa (guessing). All from good smoke, as good as it gets from reg smoke. So sow them all and hope for the best? Has anyone made beds and let them be for a few weeks at a time? No way I can care for that many or give em a head start . Dont want to not plant them, just have others thats going to get all the attention. We will see how it turns out around croptober. They will get compost and all the natural resources the Appalachian mountains has to offer. So lets see what happens. Even if only a few make it, gonna be more than I had 😁 Be planted and hidden n plain sight. Wish me luck!!! Keep em green and happy grows!

@Jgood Sounds like a fun experiment my friend. Keep us posted. Hope to see some photos of the beauties. would be cool to be able to make more beans.

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