Mar 9

Nutrient Cost Comparison Spreadsheet


Edited: Mar 9

Mar 9Edited: Mar 9

I’m so in love with the FloraFlex nutes

they even brought a couple dying clones back to life. So easy, no messy bottles to deal with. Awesome Awesome product.

Ty BLG & Gb - Rick




Mar 9

No experience with any of those brands but Im thinking about trying a product called Perfekt Earth.

I can’t say enough about the Flora Flex mix. No guessing, no adjustments, it’s so easy. Do yourself a favor & give em a try. BLG has a 40% off one time buy On his last video.


Dang BLG grest chart bro. Thanks for all yr work.

do you have any LST vids for a tall skinny girl (clone)?

Gb - Rick

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