Mar 3

BLG 5000 Subscriber Giveaway


Edited: Mar 9

That's right guys its that time again and time for our 5000 subscriber give away. Watch the video for more information on giveaway, how to enter, and the prizes. Thank you guys all for supporting my in this journey of creating the Cannabis Grow Guide.





Follow the link to Gleam to be begin getting your entries into our giveaway. Best of luck growers!



1lb Bags of FloraFlex Nutrients Veg and Bloom

Quantum Board 304 3500K w/ Slate 2 heat sink

Quantum Board 304 3500K w/ Slate 2 heat sink

HLG=65 Grow Light Kit

2 Pack of Quantum Board 120's For A DIY Fixture

2 Pack of Feminized Gorilla Bomb Seeds

2 Pack of Feminized Gorilla Bomb Seeds

Barneys Farm Genetics Triple Cheese

Barneys Farm Genetics Peyote Critical

TNB Naturals C02 Enhancer w/ Refill


Best of Luck and thank you growers!





Mar 3

Appreciate the awesome giveaway. Could use any and all of it. Good luck everyone

If i win anything im one happy camper but could really use a new veg light or some new genetics anywho very proud supporter of your youtube channel thank you

Congrats on hitting the 5k sub mark BLG\CGG. And thanks for this great opportunity!!!

hey bro new to this sort of giveaway thing but cheer . things look awesome

Great work BLG, loving the content and getting heavy sponsors for fun giveaways like this

I followed the links, and thank you for fixing it.

Thanks for the latest GB series; Loved it! I would love to hear you'r views and opinions on outdoor growing. From my year of failing, its a different monster. ha.

Not sure how to enter. Hopefully this is it!

If you clicked on the link above and followed the directions, your doing it.

I love this marketing idea to get a good head-start on your website. This is the biggest giveaway I have seen and deservedly of the idea. Great work.

Mar 15

Green Dreams,,, Could use any and all.... :)

Hope to win any one of the items. Just started growing.. Need everything.


Those HLGs got my tent rocking in as little as 4 days. That’s winning, anything else would just be a perk. Thanks again bro.

love the videos! already a fan of quantum boards! keep up the good work man!!

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