Mar 3

Trying to win something off this giveaway could really use a light or some gorilla bomb genetics

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Mar 3

I could use any of it! First grow in many many years. Got busted for growing and had to retire. Now that medical is legal here now, I'm getting back in the game. The strains,,, the tech,,, the cost is flat out insane to grow medicine now days. Looks like many have taken to the Big Pharma cost verse's worth formula. I've already spent a bucket of money and don't have light on green yet. I've already bought a Gorilla 3 x 3 tent. iPower 6" Carbon filter kit. 1 ea. HLG 100 V2 4K, HLG 260 V2 3K, #5 Pots, Pot Stands and Trays, Power and Timer, and other needed devices. Basic Fox Farm Nutrients and other supplements.I think some Gorilla seeds would go nice as a first grow in the Gorilla tent... :)

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