Sep 24, 2018

New Grower Having an issue


Edited: Sep 24, 2018

So I am a new grower and I planted straight to soil 3 weeks ago as of today. I had some temp and humidity issues early on but I have now gotten it under control. Now for this seedling it took 7 days to finally sprout on 9/10. Since then shes been cruising for the most part but i do feel as if the growth is slow or stunted. I also got my schedule a little mixed up and fed her roughly a 1/4 dosage of Canna A/B last Sunday on 9/16 (I forgot she was only 6 days old since i had planted her a week prior). About 2 days later i noticed she was yellowing a bit but not severely, but since then, she has not gained her color back and is still slowly yellowing. It is slowly working its way up her leaves. I have also watered her almost everyday. Now i am using Coco + Perlite and I think she is over watered at this point also. So i haven't watered her in 2 days and she still is looking the same. Also, i started logging everything I have been doing with her and just started 2 more seedlings that sprouted on 9/20. One looks great but the other is a little smaller and droopy. Here is some pics and any suggestions help.





Sep 24, 2018

Hello friend and thanks for joining!


Ill start art off by saying your seedling doesn’t look to bad and she actually looks pretty good. 1/4 strength canna nutes are good right now. I run 3mL per gallon of Canna A&B at this stage. You can find my Feeding Schedule here in our site.


My my first question for you is what your PH‘ing your feeds at and what kind of coco you are using. Looking forward to your response. Thank again. ✌🏻

Sep 24, 2018

Thanks for the quick response. I am PH'ing around 6.1-6.5. and I am using Canna Coco Coir along with a simple miracle grow perlite. I am also curious about the feeding schedule, can I get away with just the Canna A/B plus Calmag or should I be investing in the other nutrients you use also? I have also heard/read that with coco, everytime I water it should have some sort of nutrients for the plant. Is this correct?

Sep 24, 2018Edited: Sep 24, 2018

ah ha! That is going to be the issue my friend. We can easily fix it though! We want our PH to be between 5.6 to 6.0 with 5.8 being perfect!


Youll want to feed with every watering in coco. With feeding in coco less is more! You can do a full run with canna A&B but I would at least get the PK 13/14 as it is inexpensive. And then Boost when you can afford It.


some people will feed, feed, plain water, to help prevent salt buildups. However I’ve found that salt build up comes from to much nutrients.


Hope ive helped this time friend and look forwarding to hearing back. Much thanks and peace ✌🏻

Sep 25, 2018

I will definitely adjust the PH. Also, you said feed,feed water. Is that daily? If so, when should i start feeding my 2 seedlings i just planted. Thanks!

Sep 25, 2018

Not daily. You will water as needed based off your lift tests and know your Cannabis plants. In coco you want to start feeding right away with 1/4 strength nutes.


Example of feed, feed, water


say Monday you water plants with nutes (feed)

tuesday - they good

wednesday - they good

Thursday - you water with nutes (feed)

Friday - they good

Saturday - you water with just plain water (water)


essentially giving them minor flush/cleanse every two feedings. Hope that makes sense. ✌🏻

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