Nov 21, 2018

Noob Questions


Backstory, first grow LOTTA mistakes, low temps at germination, overwatered at germination+, bugs, over nutes (burned), hurt my Autos, been watering only last 3 water to get runnoft #'s down, day 28, day 33, day 35, most came down some didn't some went UP!, water only ph 6.1 in, 6.1-6.2 OUT,


1. what nute #'s to put in based on size of plant (TDS)

2. what runnoft #'s to expect water only at day 35, short affys stunted but healthy, topped @ day 26.

3. what would make runnoft #'s go UP

3. will adjusting P.H. water IN affect runnoft #'s in this situation where they are not going down or staying the same even though they are "in range"

4. My TDS runnoft #'s range from 282 to 676, some bigger ones look like they are getting deficient runnoft # 471 TDS, (newer growth lightening up)

I got lots more questions but that's enough for now

p.s. ALL planted same day


Nov 21, 2018

Might need to know what type of medium you are using at what nutrients.



Im running Canna Nutrients in Coco


1. I like 400ish for veg and 800ish for flower ppm


2. I don’t measure run off as I haven’t really had a reason too. Typically will only check off of there is an issue.


3. If you are over feeding your plants, the excess nutrients can store in your medium. then when you flush your releasing those stored nutrients causing an increase in PPM.


3. This depends what type of medium you are using.


4. Also need to know medium and nutrients to answer correctly.


i don’t adjust my PPM or PH based off run off.

in coco its same PPM at 5.6 ph every Watering.


Hope me that helps. Let me know!

Nov 21, 2018

FFOF medium, plants are healthy after surviving my abuse, is there no correlation between runnoft numbers and what they need for feed, i know some are hungry, i'm thinking mix up 400 ppm botanicare cal/mag, pure base, and silica and feed

I'm gonna mix up some nutes with different ratios and see what happens, I have good notes so I'll science the heck out of this

Nov 21, 2018

I thought input was determined by runnoft numbers

Nov 23, 2018

@prudiddly87 I have seen people based their feeds off their run off. However I don't. Im typically a light feeder and keep a 400ish ppm through veg and up to 800 in flower. Typically you would only have to adjust your feed down if you are over fertilizing your plants. FFOF has nutes in it as well so you might be adding to much on top. Less is more when it comes to nutes.


PH should be 6.0 to 7.0 for soil

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