Mar 15

First Grow In Years


This is the restarting setup. Should have tap roots in dirt anytime









Mar 18

Wife referred to them as bud babies this morning!!!! LMAO


Mar 21

Sapphire OG, Five days in the Solo Cup. First light feeding tomorrow.




Mar 21

so far so good. easy on the watering as they try and fill out roots. Growers Love. Peace

Mar 24

Rehung the lights, moved the carbon filter and fan assy, pulled the pot out that wont be used in this grow. Added a jug of water for added humidity. Lights are set at 24" above the mid length plant and all leveled out.




Mar 27

Had to move the lights up just a tad. At 28" and leveled out. Haven't watered in two days. They will get watered tomorrow. Have roots growing out the bottom of the solo cups. They will be transplanted into the permanent pots sooner than later.




Mar 30

3-30-19, Coming along good. Just woke up for the day. :)




Mar 30

@psy2 Looking good friend. They are ready for transplant!

Mar 31

I got bored last evening and went ahead and transplanted the babies. Here they are as they came out of the cups. You can see they are all taking water up at different rates. They have all been watered the exact same amount of water at the same time. The Sapphire OG is the strongest plant above and below ground.



Sapphire OG 3-30-19


Blue Cindy 3-30-19


Purple Afgan Kush 3-30-19

Once transplanted I let them settle for two hours. I then did a complete plain watering Ph 6.3 until run out. The plants wilted like crazy, went light green and into a visually harsh condition. Eighteen hrs later they were back! Very fast recovery! I then gave the roots a very light feeding with 1 ml. CalMag, 2 tsp. Big Bloom per. gal. Each root ball got a pint each. Today the seedlings are two weeks old.



SOG Transplanted 18hr 3-31-19


BC Transplanted 18hr 3-31-19


PAK Transplanted 18hr 3-31-19

Family Pic 3-31-19 two weeks old. Onto Veg!


Eighteen hours after transplant. Family Pic 3-31-19.


@psy2 Thanks for the udpate friend. They are looking great, glad to see them in their larger homes. They are going to explode soon as those roots spread out. Happy Growing.

Apr 8

Grow has been doing great. Have the basic water/grow station done. A max of 15 gal. of water can be in standby ready for use. With 5 gal. ready for feeding.



Water Station, 4-7-19

The plants are some hearty gals,,,, Some hardcore ladys. Topped them yesterday and did a full strip. No wilt, color change,,, nothing. Like it never happened. Made up feed water in the Igloo. Fed each plant 2L containing 15 tsp BB, 8 tsp GB, 6 tsp CM, 5 tsp Molasses. PH 6.4. Will start training next week.



First Topping and Strip. Fed each 2L.


Apr 19

Since the last update life has sucked.


A week or so back the junk China made Honeywell HVAC thermostat had a internal short, started going crazy and darn near killed my plants. Came home and caught it firing my unit from full blast heating to cooling. 30 degree temperature swings in the house. This also ended up roasting relays on the control board for the unit. So one thermostat and main control board later that is fixed.


This gave me a case of leaf septoria. Thanks Honeywell you cheap ass China lovers.... Had to pull 15 or so leaves off two plants. Now with the climate right again,, make it's fixed.




Plants mow look they have been butchered. Also had two branches just break. No clue how that happened. Saved one,,, the other didn't make it.


The butchered mess.




Also of note my overpriced iphone 8 China junk is now being a pain in the butt. It does not want to connect to a Apple Pro over price junk lappy or any of my real fast ultra stable PC desktops or lappys. It's about to get shot with a Glock 20 10mm, put back in it's box that appears to be better engineered than the phone and shipped back. So if the Apple junk issue does not get worked out i won't be posting anymore pics. At this point I will not buy anymore cell phones.


Other issues and points of interest concerning my lack of time to babysit the plants and there support system have included issues like this.


This moron ripped the power service off the wall at work. Spent several days rebuilding our power service and repairing other damage.





I then had to fire a young guy service tech that screwed up everything he touched. This is just one example of his fine work. $6K later I had it fixed and running. I am not suppose to be doing this kind of heavy mechanical work anymore. But you just can't find a American under 40 that can do anything with there hands and mind but wank off anymore.




Now that today is blown. Maybe I can get back to fixing Harleys horrid engineering on my bike tomorrow.




And get back to this.








That a 'Lee' primer press in the third picture up top? If so, you really got all you'r hobbys sorted in you'r private space!

Apr 22

That Lee press I use for decapping. I have a Lee Classic Turret and another Lee Single Stage for loading my NUKE Loads. Use the Hornady AP to load range/mass amounts of ammo.

@psy2 looks an epic man cave, i'm not allowed 'reload' equipment, my hobby's already keep me hiding from my wife enough.


At one point i was going to plant a row of Virginia tobacco in the garden, but i quote, 'not a chance am i loosing you to a jungle all day long'.


Lol, 'Nuke' loads?

May 17

About to finish up week two of flower. God I hate Apple!!!!!





Want to give props to HLG. I was working my plants a few weeks back, down on the floor and reaching into the tent. My boxer dog came up behind me and gave me a goosing. I jerked and put my wedding band right into one of the LED's on one of my HLG 100 V2 lights. Yep shorted it right out. A day later half a row went out,, a few days later the whole role went out. I emailed HLG and asked what they would sell me a replacement board for. I wasn't wanting warranty, I screwed the board up. My fault! In a day or so they emailed me back. $20 for the replacement board and $10 shipping. But they had none in stock. Be a week. Well life has been busy as hell, so two weeks go by. I look at the light and another row of LED's has went out. I follow up with another email. They send a paypal invoice. i pay the requested fee and they ship the new updated board. Has two power connectors. One on each long side of the board. Put the old driver on the board, hang and blaze.


Thank You HLG!!!!

May 18

[@psy2] the girls are looking good my friend. I am happy to hear about your great experience you have with HLG. That is the exact reason I will always recommend, and will continue to do so as they continue to do us right. ✌🏻

May 19

Two weeks of flower in the pics to the day.


Lets start with the poor Afghan Purple Kush. This poor plant truly is a dog. I should have yanked it and given it to the trash can. Only pic of this plant.



The Sapphire OG has recovered from being mauled by a POS Monkey Fan. Truly over price junk. Seems to be a lot of over price China junk in the grow game now... This was my lead girl until the Monkey Fan ruined it. She had great structure, stalk and stem size and tight node spacing. Thanks Secret Jardin you worthless purveyors of junk.




The Blue Cindy is now the lead gal. She has stepped up and took over with class from her wounded sister. The Blue Cindy was flat out a wired ass and very confused plant through most of veg. Flipping whole leafs upside down, Twisting complete stalks and then reversing the twist. She would even flip you off. She would roll up leaves then stick one straight in the air. I had pics of this then the POS Iphone 8 garbaged them. She now reminds me of my three daughters. When there born it's oooo my sweet little baby girl. Then puberty hits and you hate them and don't want anything to do with them. Then at 21 or so, they become smart, beautiful lady's you are so proud of.




Blue Cindy center, Sapphire OG upper left and a tiny bit of the Purple Kush lower right. Will only do one or two plants in this 3x3 tent from now on. OOOOO and never buy a 3x3 tent. A complete waste of foot print and use of space. Should have bought a 2x4 or 4x4.



Have a great week!!!!




Some healthy lookin' bush you got there. :)

May 31

Late third week of flower. The sugar is starting to show. The ladies were a tad thirsty when these pics were taken. Took care of there water a food needs in short order.












May 31

Here they are today late in the fourth week. I had to leave the ladies for four days. The mother inlaw passed away so off to Iowa we went. Watered/fed them closed the tent up came back with the ladies greeting me like this. The weight is coming. The sugar is coming on nicely. And some of the leaves are wetting up with honey. The plants the cops got oooo so many years ago when I got busted where dripping with honey when they seized them and smoked them up. Fuck you cops! My first grow out of a forced retirement! I come back where I left off! Stick that in your corrupt pipe and smoke it...











Psy2 dude looking excellent. So sorry to hear about your loss and pray for a quick healing process for you and family. Those girls are turning into chunkers and you’ve done an excellent job! Can’t wait to start seeing some bud porn!

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