Dec 24, 2018

Gorilla Bomb Flowering Series


Edited: Jan 6

Week 2 flower



Week 1 flower



Mar 15

Day 35 week 5 Flowering looking phenomenal under the HLG Quantum Board 120's.. first time hearing about Pulse One.

Jan 30

You gotta hook me up with your watering bucket setup! Did you buy the little spigot separate? Or the whole setup pre assembled? It looks so easy for mixing and dispensing larger amounts of nutrients.

This was a great series to watch. And I appreciate you answering all of my

noob questions! Much appreciated.

Sullijoshua you got it my friend. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing more grows with you!

I'm a bit noob too. All videos with action of doing things to the plants is the most helpful. I would like more interaction in videos. Camera work, as always is great.

Mar 15

Another great episode here with episode 15, I've haven't yet tried a scrog but I see the benefits of weaving those leave over and under the screen.

Mar 15

[@hat12l] I won’t go without a SCROG now. Not only for the training the support to help Hold the buds up. 👊🏻✌🏻

I want to try it but I don't know how to do it because I have rotation of plants in the same room, still thinking how

Mar 18

Episode 22 day 63 flower and they are looking firm, dense, and frosty. I've that 48 hours of darkness signals to the plant it's time to come down and in reaction she boost frost sites and and puts her all into the buds.

New Posts
  • @mrgrowguy on Instagram created this strain by crossing dosidos nor cal cut x cherry OG. 6 plants 2 confirmed females. Gorilla Grow 4x4x9’ Kind XL 1000 Riverponics 6 site system FloraFlex Nutrients w/ Epsom 4” AC Infinity I will install second trellis in the next few days and leaf strip them at day 14.
  • How much more is this plant going to grow? Need some advice.
  • Today I’m starting my second grow. For this one I am going to start 2 seeds of the Seedsman Candy Cream (Feminized) and I’ll also start 2 of the 3 feminized White Widow seeds also from seeds man. I still don’t understand the nutes enough to mess with them yet so I will use regular soil again like in my last grow. It was the biggest buds I’ve ever seen but until I have a really good grasp on it I don’t wanna mess it up.(also I grow on a serious budget)
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