Mar 15

Suppose to harvest today but ima wait another week.


Thanks BLG, sorry i havent been posting. Just been real busy lately. Been working long hours just to catch up with bills.

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  • How much more is this plant going to grow? Need some advice.
  • Today I’m starting my second grow. For this one I am going to start 2 seeds of the Seedsman Candy Cream (Feminized) and I’ll also start 2 of the 3 feminized White Widow seeds also from seeds man. I still don’t understand the nutes enough to mess with them yet so I will use regular soil again like in my last grow. It was the biggest buds I’ve ever seen but until I have a really good grasp on it I don’t wanna mess it up.(also I grow on a serious budget)
  • Blue Moon is a F1 Blue Dream X F1 GSC which is a hyper fast grower that is Indica dominant with a fruity, Jackfruit flavor profile with a turbo diesel aftertaste. So now to the real questions, what the hell am i gonna do with the rest of the pollen? how long does it keep? I have Blue Moon, Afghani Kush, Secret Sauce, Hash Bomb, Cherry Kush, Durbin Poison, Sour Diesel, and Super Skunk Females. I do plan to impregnate a Blue moon lady but is there any combinations that I should try? Is there a way to find out if others have crossbreed this strain to any good results? Thanks in advance
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