Oct 7

Try #2


Today I’m starting my second grow. For this one I am going to start 2 seeds of the Seedsman Candy Cream (Feminized) and I’ll also start 2 of the 3 feminized White Widow seeds also from seeds man. I still don’t understand the nutes enough to mess with them yet so I will use regular soil again like in my last grow. It was the biggest buds I’ve ever seen but until I have a really good grasp on it I don’t wanna mess it up.(also I grow on a serious budget)


@Duke Shaba excited for this one my friend. Will definitely be following along. 👊🏻✌🏻 Candy Cream is some fire.

Cool bro I’m looking forward to them. I figured 1 of each hopefully they all sprout so I can try the mainline on each one and just some LST on the other.

Amazingly ( or maybe not to you who do this) in just 48 hours both of the white widow and candy cream seeds and cracked tap root so they are hitting dirt today!


Now that one cracked I guess you can say day 1. Ww #2 popped out and through down her helmet already. Just waiting on the others


All four of these girls are up and out standing y’all now I put a fan in but it’s drying my pots out quick I’m having to water them every day


Oct 12

@Duke Shaba what’s your humidity. Top of the pot might be dry but I doubt the whole pot is drying out. I wouldn’t keep watering everyday or you will More than likely suffocate Seedlings. You can already see signs of lack of oxygen by the leafs curling down and in. Should be straight and perky.

Hey bro this is a closet grow again and the closet I now have to use (wife says) for some reason is staying around 37% and 80.7 degrees


Oct 12

@duke Shaba 10-4 low humid not that bad. Mines around same. And they are looking good nice and perky!

I’m going by weight to bro not look they really are drying quick. should I put the fan on the lowest setting? I mean i think they look to be sprouting up quick to me (but idk what you do man). I saw a video on YouTube today talking about the amazing benefits of having uvb lights in your tent. have you heard of anything like that? The dude had like a lizard light or some crap and actual uvb lights

Hey y’all so yesterday I didn’t water them to make sure and this morning ww#1 was laying over. The leaves look a little yellow but they are all standing up now again after a little water and look to be healthy other than that.


Shit bro what happened? Everything has been the same... is this from not PHing my water? I got the stick yesterday and found I’m at 7.5 I have ph down coming by 1 today...


2 others have some brown too but much less


Oct 17

@Duke Shaba might be nutrient burn. But if PH is off that will also cause the same Thing. PH is probably the most important part of your grow.

my ph is exactly 6.5 now and they look like they are getting worse. I don’t know if maybe they hit a heave spot I. The soil or what at this point but I hope they live. Candy cream #1 still has 0 brown spots but the rest are really hurting.


Oct 18

@Duke Shaba looks like nutrient burn. Soil may have been a little hot. Also Seedlings don’t need nutrients in soil till about day 21 or so. So if your feeding it could be causing the burn. They should recover.

Hey bro. I hope your doing good. The babies are blowing up now that they are past the hotspot. They are 3 weeks today and starting node 5. Cc2 I ripped out yesterday it’s root was still maybe a quarter the size of the plant and the second set of leaves never came in yet even so it had to go.


Hey man congrats on the 10k. So I decided to switch to coco for the babies now. I got 444 and 284 dry amendments for them and am putting them into 7 gallon pots. I have them under the philzon 900w with a Mars hydro300 on the way for when they hit they tent. they are looking really good!


Now that the big girl got cut down (and stinking up my whole damn house need a second carbon filter I’m noticing lol) the babies are in the tent under the phlizon 900 and my new mars hydro 300. Ww2 in the 7 gallon pot is now in coco with a blend of 444 and 284 dry amendment. the roots weren’t as big as I wanted to the other are waiting a week longer. But they are all looking healthy and happy.

The pot in the front is going to be carrots and spinach while I have room lol

Someone saw a pic of this and told me I need to start LST I feel they are kinda small for that yet. Maybe tipping the main stock on some but the off shoots aren’t big enough yet right?


@Duke Shaba you can LsT but at this stage it would be just bending over the main stem carefully. She’s topped now so lower shoots will start to catch up. I’d let her go as she is.

@Admin BLG as always bro thank you again. I left the one ww and candy cream un topped but they are Good too I think for now atleast until after transplanting them

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