Mar 18

Total grow. Toplight 330watt led.


I have one of these won from (ledgrowlightsdepot) and never have ran led. Anyone else using one? Or know of anyone? Just wondering if the par/ppfd readings I was sent are pretty close. Thx

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  • so i won 4 qb132 boards in cgg gibeaway a few months ago and finally got the parts together to build my light. And i must say i am happy with the results so far . the plants love it and so do I
  • I've been working on a grow light project for a couple months now and I'm excited to say that I've finally been able to partner with a manufacturer who can provide us with an LED grow light that matches our specs and demands. There were 3 things in the back of my mind through all the negotiations with multiple LED suppliers. Quality Affordability Availability 1. Quality was of the utmost importance to me when choosing a partner and supplier. I knew that I only wanted the best and most efficient LED diodes available on the market. BLG LED Light Bars come with Samsung's newest and most efficient LED diode the LM301H (3.03 μmol/J @ 65 mA, 6500K). With a beautiful full spectrum white light, they are also accompanied by 660 and 730 nano meter red Samsung LH351H diodes. Also included are non other than Meanwell drivers to power them. 2. Affordability is one of the hardest things to produce when it comes to LED fixtures, But I wanted a light with options that could fit any budget. Our 24" light bars start at just $79.99 and can fit any size micro grow and budget. The 48" light bars start at just $169.99 and go all the way up to 660 watt fixture that can replace a 1000 watt HPS. Pro Gro Shop . 3. Availability was on the top of my list. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten an email from an international grower who is disappointed because the product they want doesn't ship international. BLG LED light fixtures will be available world wide. FEATURES: Samsung LM301H White Diodes Samsung LM351H Red diodes 660 and 730 red. Meanwell drivers passive cooling international shipping competitive pricing 5 year warranty If you guys are looking for more information or have additional questions please post them to this thread and I will answer them! -BLG Example: 4 bar light fixture. Available in 2' and 4' bars. 185,330,660 watts.
  • So in about 72 hrs I will be running 2 different lights 8n a grow tent with a said 600 w and 160 w led full spectrum grow light.. 160 w is from parfactworks now I believe its said to be the 150w will this bee enough for 2 to 3 plants ? I ran the lux meter app and it showed about 3945 at 24 inches.
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