Mar 5

Fungus gnats


Whats the best way to rid of these damn fungus gnats?

Fungus Gnats can be a pesky pest my friend. There are a couple of simple treatments people have used with success. 1. Letting the tops/bottoms of your pots dry out can help prevent and deter fungus gnats. 2. Using 1”- 1.5” of dry sand on the top/bottom of your pots can prevent fungus gnats from entering your medium where they lay their eggs. 3. Yellow sticky trap cards can be placed in the pots, on top of your medium, and around your grow area to capture adult gnats. 4. Mosquito dunks have also been known to work on fungus gnats as people usually break them up and sprinkle them on the top of the medium. 5. There are many pesticides that will work on fungus gnats such as neem oil. You’ll want to spray your medium. 5. Another certain way to completely abolish fungus gnats is to use H2O2 or 3% hydrogen peroxide with a watering. Your plants will love it however if you’re growing organically this method will kill all of your beneficial bacteria and microbes.

Mar 11

I threw out all the soil, soaked the pots in hot water and dish detergent and then started fresh after my run in with fungus gnats.

Mar 12

@hat121 peroxide is one and done my friend. kills all adults and larvae on contact.

Mar 21

@Admin BLG Didn't know that I'll keep it in mind but also make efforts to prevent the need to.

I spray a ipm made with rosemary, peppermint, clove,ghost pepper, and a few drops of soap.

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