Mar 3

Jack herer was the best and easiest grow i had so far


Good to know. I like Jack Herer. When I start growing, I will start there.

Mar 18

Hows the odor during flowering for Jack Herer? low odor? mild? strong?

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  • Any ideas for a good CBD strain? So far I tried Harlequin. I like it, but it makes me wonder if there is a better choice. Back pain, stomach pain, and migraines are my major problems.
  • I love to grow autos there fast and fun low maintenance flowers
  • 9 Pound Hammer doesn't do anything but give me nausea, and headaches. I still haven't found my night-time strain. I don't have a lot of indica choices at my dispensary, so I was looking at hybrids. Any suggestions for a good couch lock strain to help me sleep? Mandarin Dream was a nice high, but I didn't always feel relaxed enough to sleep.
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