First Week of Cannabis Seedling Life 

The Cannabis Plants First Seven Days

We've planted our germinated Cannabis seed(s) following the simple steps in the How to Germinate section of the Cannabis Grow Guide. A small Cannabis seedling should sprout out of our medium within 48-72 hours. These next few days are very critical and it is important to keep your grow rooms environment optimized for seedlings.


Cannabis Seedling Environment

  • Temperature: 73* to 79* Fahrenheit

  • Humidity: 60%-70% RH

  • Medium: Moist / Damp (not soaked)

  • Light: Low power, 24"+ hanging height, & 16 hrs+ on

It's important to keep a high humidity for your seedlings even after they sprout. I like to keep our plastic zip lock baggies over our cups for the first 5 days. Remember to remove the baggies daily and give your seedlings fresh air. It is also very important not to over water at this stage.

HLG550 LED Grow Light is designed to replace a single ended 1000W HID . Each grow light uses 4 HLG Quantum Boards. With a total of 1152 Top Bin Samsung LM561C S6 LED's, this fixture produces 1160 PPF with just 510 Watts.

Day 1 - Sprouting a Cannabis Seedling

Day 1 begins as soon as our Cannabis plant is poking through the top of our medium.You will see your Cannabis plants first set of leafs known as cotyledons which are small round green leafs that look very different from the  five blade Cannabis leaf we've all come to know. If you see a seed shell stuck to your seedling you can very gently help it off.  


Day 2 -

Day 2 and our Cannabis seedling is on the hunt for what it needs most...LIGHT! Cannabis seedlings will rapidly stretch searching for a powerful light source if one is not presented. If your growing with a sufficient grow light it can remain at 24" as the seedling settles in. If your growing with a low watt CFL you will want to get your lamp as close at 6" to 8" to prevent stretching.


Day 3 -

Day 3 starts and we already have our first set of true leafs coming in. While the first set of true leafs are only single bladed, they are becoming more familiar and beginning to look like our beloved Cannabis plant.


Day 4 -

Day 4 and we can already see our second set of true leafs beginning to form. This second set of leafs should grow in with 3 bladed leafs, each of these leaf sets will be a future node. A node is a spot on the main stem that holds one or more leaves and eventually branching or buds.


Day 5 -

Day 5 and it is finally time to water our seedlings. This is the first time we have watered our seedlings since the day we planted our seeds. We will be following BLG's Canna Coco Feeding Schedule and be adjusting as our plants tell us. Since we are growing in coco it is important for us to keep out PH between 5.6 and 6.0. If we were growing in soil we would want a PH of 6.5 to 7.0. It is extremely important to not "Over Water". Over watering is the most common mistake new growers make and it will halt your seedlings growth to a crawl and can take weeks for a it to recover.

Day 6 -

A day after watering and our seedlings are looking happy and healthy. We noticed that one of our seedlings was leaning over to one side, as a precaution we braced her up with a twist tie.We will leave this on for the next few days while she strengthens her stem.


Day 7 -

Day 7 and and we have now made it through the first week of Cannabis plant life. The sprouts have grown into full seedlings and our beginning to work on their 3rd nodes. The first 7 days of the Cannabis plants life are crucial as this is when your plant is most fragile.