Early Flowering of Cannabis Plants

Flowering Environment


Once you flip the switch to flowering a timer start and its important to make sure you have everything dialed in. If you are a first time grower its important to run with a controlled environment with humidity below 60%. When humidity levels get above 60% the chances of mold or mildew are greatly increased. Cannabis thrives in warmer tropical climates and I recommend running temperatures between 75* and 80*F. With the new development of Intense LED lighting grow rooms are now finding optimized temps around 82* to 83*F and some times higher. Once you get a few grows under your belt and your ready to maximize your setup you can begin looking into VPD. VPD focuses on higher humidity and temperature levels and is the difference between the vapor pressure inside the leaf compared to the vapor pressure of the air.

The Stretch -


After flipping your lights to 12 hours off and 12 hours on, your plants immediately begin a transition into flowering. The first 14 to 21 days of flower cannabis plants will begin a phase known to the growing community as the stretch. Cannabis plants can double or triple in size during this stretching period and it's important to plan accordingly with your available height.


Day 14 Leaf Strip

Fourteen days after flipping the light schedule to 12/12, you will begin to notice small flower formations starting to appear. Each node should have a flower site that is producing calyx and pistils. If you notice lower branching sites with no flower formations it is good practice to remove these branches as they are lacking light and won't develop much. These lower branches are known as suckers because they suck energy from good high quality buds. Day 14 is also leaf strip day where remove any extra fan leafs to improve light penetration and promote higher yields. I try to remove any fan leafs that are shading prominent buds as demonstrated in the photos to the right. There is no limit to how many fan leafs you should remove, however you do not want to perform a leaf strip multiple times in flower. Leaf strips are stressful and stress can lead to lower yields and hermaphroditic traits.


A minor leaf strip was performed as the canopy wasn't to dense and light penetration wasn't a large issue.