The Easiest Nutrients for Cannabis Plants

General Hydroponics Flora Trio nutrients system is not only an affordable complete line up with micro, grow, and bloom but also one of the easiest nutrient lines to use. The Flora Trio package can be used in soil, soil-less, and full hydro grows. GH makes one of the best products on the market for beginner growers and here are some of the reasons why.

Inexpensive: Click the bottles to the right and you will see what I am talking about. You can get all the parts of the Flora Trio setup and it will take you all the way through veg, flower, and harvest.

East to use: It doesn't get easier than a 3 part nutrient system. Yes, there are additives you can use to increase production and yield, however this powerful 3 part nutrient line will use different ratios of the Gro, Micro, and Bloom to get you all the way through your grow with beautiful healthy plants.

It Works Good: The most important thing when considering a nutrient system is figuring out how well it works. GH is found in abundance among commercial and home growers. There a big reason General Hydroponics products are widely available and continue to be purchased. BECAUSE THEY WORK!

Don't forget your PH Up & Down by GH