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Budget tents for starter growers
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Exhaust Fans & Air Circulation

Exhaust Fans, Variable Speed Controllers, & Carbon Filters

Vivosun makes a great 4" exhaust fan combo kit at an unbeatable price. With 200 cfm at full power and equipped with variable speed controller. Don't forget your in stealth with quiet fan noise and a carbon filter to scrub the air.

6" Ducting is a must have when assembling your grow room. This roll is inexpensive and comes with 16 feet.

This 6" clip on fan is a generic brand that works great is is cost effective. It comes with either a standard stand or a clip on attachment. With two speeds you can't beat the price and performance.

Growing Mediums for Cannabis

Canna Coco, Coco Tek, Perlite, Fox Farm...

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Cannabis Nutrients & Supplements

Canna, General Hydroponcs, and more!


Fertilizer Specifically For Your Favorite Plant™

Nutrients for our favorite plant should include all of the Essential Elements, come in only a few or even no bottles, and provide you with the ability to improvise and control the process. FloraFlex now offers you a simple two part formula for both the Vegetative and Bloom stages that entices the early development of flower sites, leading to bigger flowers and maximized yields. FloraFlex has engineered the highest quality, cleanest, and most stable nutrients on the
market. We are proud to bring you the first FloraFlex Nutrient line. ©FloraFlex

Canna Coco Nutrients

Canna Coco is the best on the market when it comes to coco nutrients and what I currently use. The price is on the higher side but I believe the proof is in the buds and plants they produce. You can save a little money buying Cannazym, Rhizotonic, and Boost together in the 250mL pack. You can also substitute out your Rhizontonic for a liquid seaweed or a good Cal Mag supplement with micro nutrients such as Manganese, iron, etc.

General Hydroponics

Fox Farm Trio Nutrients

Fox Farms Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom pack together to form the Fox Farm Trio. Start with Grow Big for strong vegetative growth, switch to Tiger Bloom at the first sign of buds, and use Big Bloom through both veg and flower for a nice boost.