Humidity for Cannabis Plants

How Much Humidity do Cannabis Plants Need?

Humidity is very important when it comes to cannabis plants. Humidity levels will determine how often your plants need water. Plants that are subjected to proper humidity levels tend to have strong immune systems and are less likely to get a disease. If your experiencing issues such as slow growth, mold or mildew, or the worst bud rot you might want to check your humidity and make sure its on point.

Clones & Seedlings

Seedlings The humidity for seedlings should range from 60% to 80%. This will help new seedlings thrive in their first week of life. Cannabis plant seedlings in a higher humidity environment tend to grow roots at a faster pace. Once your seedling has established itself with a solid root system you can lower your humidity levels to the vegetative stage. It is important to have good air circulation within your grow area and to not leave your humidity in this high range passed the seedling stage.

Clones It's also important to keep the humidity quiet high for clones. While attempting to get fresh cuttings to sprout new roots it's important to keep the humidity in the 60% to 80% range. You will often times see cannabis growers using a humidity dome to help keep the humidity up during rooting. Higher humidity will allow your clones vegetation (leafs) to stay healthy, hydrated, and green. This allows your cutting to focus on root development and not put energy into keep its leafs alive.

Vegetative stage of cannabis plants requires a little less humidity when compared to the seedling and clone stage. Once your plants have established a strong root system and they begin growing additional nodes it is time to reduce humidity. It is important to keep your humidity between 40% and 60% during vegetative period to prevent mold and mildew from starting.

Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Plants

Flowering Stage of Cannabis Plants

Flowering stage is where humidity control becomes the most important. While your buds are ripening up and gaining weight during their swelling phase, they are most susceptible to mold, mildew, and bud rot. It is imperative that your humidity stay between 40% and 55%. If your humidity is above 55% you will need to run a dehumidifier. If your in a relatively high humidity environment, it may be wise to reduce humidity to 40% and below for the last 2 weeks or so of flowering.

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