Late Stages of Flowering

The Final Weeks Before Harvest

During the last few weeks you will begin to see a natural yellowing or "fade". This is a good sign that our Cannabis plants are consuming the stored nutrients within, which will lead to smooth and tasteful smoke. The calyx(s) will begin to swell and the pistils will recede back into them. This is the last big push our plants will give before harvest. The Trichomes will begin changing from clear to cloudy and can be seen with a 60x jewelers loop or microscope.

Clear & Cloudy Trichomes / Photo courtesy: Marijuana Harvest

Clear and Cloudy Trichome.jpg

The Final Days Before Harvest

The last final days before harvest you will begin to see the Trichomes turn from cloudy to amber. This is the final sign that your buds are at their peak maturity. As soon as I see 5% amber Trichomes I like to place the plants in 48 hours of darkness before they get their chop. Notice how our canopy looks faded out and our buds are swollen and ripe.

cloudy and amber trichome.jpg

Cloudy & Amber Trichomes / Photo courtesy: Marijuana Harvest