Late Vegetative Growth

Days 29 to Flower

The Vegetative state for Cannabis can last for as long as indoor growers want it to. As long as we keep our light cycle 18/6 or 24 hours our plants will continue to veg. You can veg your plants for as little or long as you would like. The longer you veg, the larger your plants, and the more you will yield. You can use various methods of training while your plants veg to produce bushier stronger plants with multiple tops. Some examples of training are Topping, Defoliating, Low Stress Training, F.I.M., and one were going to show down below known as GML Topping Technique.


Our girls developed a downward leaf curl over the last couple weeks and it started with #1 and eventually showed in all 3 girls. We were stumped for a while as to what was the causing this leaf curl to occur. Finally by day 35 we finally figured it out, our lights were hanging to close. After transplanting the girls into their one gallon pots, we never adjusted the lights to accommodate the taller pots. The girls were getting light stressed causing the leafs to curl and also causing a pretty big slow down in growth. In combination with low relative humidity and light stress we lost close to two weeks of vegetative growth that we will now have to make up. Luckily we aren't growing auto flowers or this mistake would have cost us at our harvest.


GML Topping Technique

The GML Topping Technique is a new age approach to topping that I first learned from a commercial YouTube grower GrandMasterLevel. The GML Topping Technique takes an approach that doesn't stunt the plant for a few days as traditional topping would. Instead of cutting your main stalk just above a node to create two tops, you simply remove the upper most fan leafs on your tallest tops. This method will only slow not stunt the growth on all the tops that have been GML topped. You can GML Top multiple tops and you will need to repeat this process every few days to create an even canopy. See the picture below for examples and results of the GML Topping technique. Let me know what you guys think of the technique and if you have used it with success.

Step 1: Identify your tallest top the need a GML Topping.


Step 2: Begin removing any fan leaves that have a stems.


Step 3: Repeat this process every few days and the lower branches will catch up to the canopy


Moving The Girls To Flower

It its time to move the girls over into the flowering tent where they can have a dialed in environment and prepare them for their flip to 12/12. For this run we will be using our scrog net and training the girls until we can fill out as much of the net as possible. Once the we fill the net is sufficiently filled we will flip the light cycle to 12/12 and begin flowering.