Middle Stages of Flowering Cannabis

Week 4 Flower

day 28 1.png

Week 4 flower is when your Cannabis plants will begin to put on most of their weight. They are hard at work producing calyx(s), and working overtime to put on weight and stack up their buds. This is when we are going to start "PK Boosting" or adjusting our ratios of nutrients to increase our phosphorus and potassium as these macro nutrients are highest in demand.

Bud sites should be pretty established by week 4 of 12/12 and it's recommended that you don't do anymore high stress training techniques as stunting your plants now would reduce overall harvest weight. Leaf stripping, Pruning or lolli-poping, and super-cropping are consider high stress techniques.

day 28 4.png
day 28 3.png
day 28 2.png

Trichomes should be abundant and visible and you can start to see which plants are the "Frostiest"

Week 5-6 Flower

During weeks 5 and 6 of flower you will notice the effects of the PK boosters and begin to get an idea for how your buds are going to stack up. From this point on its time for the buds to swell and they will continue to put on  more weight over the next few weeks. If you are using synthetic nutrients I highly recommend you begin flushing between days 42 and 49 to get a 14 to day flush.

day 35 2.png
day 35 1.png

Keeping our environment in check with the Pulse.co grow room environment monitor.

day 35 3.png

Frosty bud development on this Gorilla Bomb grow by BLG