Picking Your Grow Space / Tent

There are many things to consider when deciding to grow Medical Cannabis indoors. For example, are you in a legal state? Do you have to hide your grow or be discreet? How much medication will you need per harvest. The answer to some of these questions will help you determine what type of indoor grow space is best for you. There are many options when growing indoor, lets look at some idea.

  • Grow Tent     *recomended

  • Spare Closet

  • Extra Room

  • DIY Grow Box

  • Micro Grow ie. Space Bucket or Computer Case

I highly recommend going with a grow tent. There are still a lot of things to consider when purchasing a grow tent. For example if your tent is going to be exposed to light during your plants dark cycle, it is imperative that you get a quality brand tent that is known to be completely light proof such as a Gorilla Grow Tent. If your fortunate enough to have your grow tent(s) in a dark room where external lighting wont affect your dark periods, then you can save a little bit of money and go for a less expensive tent like this Amazon Grow Tent.


Tent size is going to be another important factor that is going to be based on how much cannabis you are trying to produce. If you are just trying to produce enough medication for yourself then I recommend at least a 4'x4' grow space or at least two space that are 2'x4' so you can run a perpetual grow with a vegetative tent and flower tent. Keep in mind that you will need more equipment for the perpetual grow, so if budget is important a single tent grow may be the best choice.

I recommend grow tents because they are cost effective and come with all the features you need for an optimal grow. Including cross members to hang your lights from, intake and exhaust fan ports, electrical cord ports, easy access doors, reflective inside material, and they can be fairly stealthy. Most people that don't know what a grow tent looks like will never notice one.

If you have a spare closet or room that you are wanting to convert into a grow space there are a couple things you'll want to consider. Fresh air intake and exhausting hot air can be the two more important things to a grow space. If you are planning to grow in a closet it is important to know if you can cut holes in walls to exhaust the hot air? If not it will be very difficult to keep your grow space cooled down. If you are able to grow in a spare bedroom you will likely be able to exhaust our a window as well as pull fresh air in. 

You can also consider doing a sealed room. While a sealed room will easily provide the best results it is also going to cost the most. Don't attempt a sealed room cannabis grow on a small budget. When doing a sealed room you must run an air conditioner as well adding CO2 to the grow room. Running a sealed grow room is more for advanced growers but a system that can produce top results. 

Creating a DIY Grow Box is always an option as well and will give you a great sense of accomplishment. If you are needing to go stealth and need an operation that won't be discovered DIY is the only way to go. DIY Grow Box's range from micro like PC cases and space buckets all the way to large such as a six foot tall storage cabinet or even an outdoor garden shed. Take a look here how to build a completely stealth DIY Grow Box measuring 18"x 36" x 6' tall. Lockable with key to insure your medicine is hidden, safe, and secure.

Your grow space is going to depend on what your individual needs are. Hopefully you have gained some insight on the things that you need to consider when deciding a place for you medical cannabis grow. While grow tents are in my opinion the best option, if your needing something more stealthy a DIY grow box will do some amazing things. Thanks for stopping by the Cannabis Grow Guide and stay safe out there growers.