The Difference Between

Sativa & Indica

Cannabis has been broken down into three main categories based off the plants characteristics. These characteristics include leaf structure, growth patterns, feeling or effect, such as an uplifting high or tiring narcotic effect. The three main medical cannabis categories are sativa, indica, and hybrid. Lets take a look at how each sative and indica vary.


Sativa's are generally known for their long thin leaf structure and are also known to grow taller lankier plants with more airy or fluffier buds. In the wild these strains have been known to grow as tall as 12ft and can double or triple in size during flowering.


Indica leaning plants will have short stout leafs that have thick and wide fingers. They typically grow much shorter and tend to branch out more even without training. Indica's will have smaller tighter flowers that will produce solid dense nugs. 

Medical Effects

Sative vs Indica

Here is the info most important to the cannabis patients searching for the proper medicine. Sativa's are known to give a more up lifting high that can bring some energy with it. These strains will likely produce a better day time high while still allowing you to function on a day to day level. Sativa tends to be more effective when treating Migraines, Chronic pain, and Nausea. Sativa's are also great for their uplifting effects making their consumer happy.

Indica strains are going to hit harder and feel a lot more heavy. These are the strains known for the infamous "couch lock" effect and are great for relaxation. Indica strains can work magic on patients who have a hard time sleeping. Their effects immediately take hold and bring the consumer to a calm, intoxicating, yet mellow body high. Indica's are great for treating insomnia, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and even anxiety. 

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