Cannabis Seedling Life 

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Days 8 through 14

Our Cannabis sprouts have become Cannabis seedlings by their second week of life. They have two sets of "true leafs", with their first set being a single blade and their second set coming with three blades. Soon they will be putting out their third set and it will contain five bladed leafs. We don't need to make much changes going into week two. Our nutrient strength will remain the same and continue to PH at 5.6 to 6.0. We want to lower our humidity down slightly to 55% to 60%.

As our seedlings roots continue to develop, we can begin watering till run off. It is important to continue using the lift test to ensure you are not over watering.

Day 21: 3 weeks old

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3 weeks old and our seedlings are at day 21. They are filling out their solo cups and will be ready for a transplant soon enough. We have no deficiencies or issues so our feeding regime will remain the same.

Days 28: Transplanting & Topping

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Day 28 and our seedlings have out grown their seedlings name. At week 4 they are in full vegetative stage and ready for a larger home. Lets take a look at how to transplant our cannabis plants from our red solo cups into larger 1 gallon plastic pots. After Transplanting we top our cannabis plants to produce a plant with multiple colas. 

Transplanting Tutorial: How to Transplant

Transplanting your cannabis plants is a simple task. If done correctly you will notice little to no stress associated to your transplant. The first thing we need to do is prepare our new pot. We will do this by placing a red solo cup into our 1 gallon pot and filling all around it with our coco/perlite medium. This will create a perfect mold allowing us to gently slide our cannabis seedlings into its new home. 


Now we have our new 1 gallon pots prepped and ready for transplanting. The next step is to simply grab one of your seedlings and place it upside down in the palm of your hand. Gently squeeze the sides of the solo cup until the root ball slides out free and into your hand. Carefully turn the seedling back upside right and place it into your perfect mold in your new pot. Back fill with extra medium as needed and you are good to go.


Rinse and repeat with your remaining seedlings and give them a light watering just around their root ball. It is important not to drench your medium right after transplant. It can lead to over watering symptoms such leaf droop from lack of oxygen. This will slow down growth and could cost you some vegetative time, however cannabis plants are resilient and will recover.


Transplanting our cannabis plants is complete and they are ready to fill their new homes. We will give them a few weeks to fill our their 1 gallon pots with roots and then we will transplant them up to their final homes before we switch our light cycle for flowering. One last thing we will do is top our plants to help promote side branching and create 2 main colas. 


Topping Tutorial: How To Top

Topping is a technique that falls into the category of high stress training. Topping is used to create two main growth tips, and promote side branching. You can top just once or as many times as you like. It is recommended that you only top a healthy plant and you allow recovery time in between toppings. Topping is considered high stress and that means your plants will take 1 to 3 days to recover and begin growing. It is common to see lower branches grow towards your canopy during this recovery period.


Spread apart your fan leafs and Identify your main growth node. Pictured above and below is an example of the main growth tip on our cannabis seedling. This is the "top" that we want to remove.


The next step is apply pressure and bend over the "top". As you apply pressure you feel a small snap and your cannabis plant "top" will come right off.


After the topping process is complete your cannabis plant will generate two main growth tips from the site where the top was removed.


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