Temperature Control: Heating & Cooling

Grow Room Temperature

Grow room temperature is one of the  most important things to successfully growing great medical cannabis. While cannabis will grow in temperatures ranging from 60*F to 85*F, they will grow at their best in a 70*F 75*F when using a HID bulb set up or 75*F to 80*F if you are running an intense LED light. If you can keep your growing environment within these optimal ranges your cannabis will thrive and produce top quality buds.

Air Conditioning

A stand alone unit like pictured to the right works perfect for cooling a grow space. They don't make a lot of noise and they can be exhausted out a window, into the attic, or even another room. While they can be a little pricey at $200-$300 USD it will be worth it in the long run. While a window mounted unit will work and is less expensive. They are much louder and do not cool as efficiently.

Buy Portable Air Conditioner

Oil heaters and Cabin Heaters

When it comes to heaters for a small space I always recommend the old school oil heaters. They give off a nice even heat that doesn't burn cannabis plants unlike a space heater. If you attempting to heat a space larger than say 8'x8' then I would move up to a cabin heater. Cabin heaters have a very accurate temperature control and hold a consistent temperature without hot spots. Both of these types of heaters are most cost effective and energy efficient. Stay away from space heaters.